2012ProgramCoverPBCHA holds two-day shows between April and November each year, offering divisions ranging from Lead Line to Open Hunters.

Shows are held at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach.

Please read the information below regarding entry procedures, rules and regulations.

Steps Needed to Show

1. Join PBCHA

Download and fill out the PBCHA Membership form: click here. You can bring the completed form and payment to the show office anytime during one of our shows. Minors must have parents, not trainers, sign the membership form.

2. Choose Your Classes

Choose your classes from the Class List below:
Hunter Equitation Class List click here

3. Sign Up to Show

Sign up to show online at ShowGrounds Live (click here) or in the office on the show weekend. For Paper Entry Form, click here. The office is open 11am-6pm on Friday, and from 6:30am on Saturday and Sunday.


Palm Beach County Horseman’s Association (PBCHA)
2017 Rules and Regulations

USEF:  PBCHA adopts the USEF Rulebook as its own, except where noted below.
Equine Zero Liability:  Florida Senate Bill 1658 Equine Zero Liability Statue: Warning-Under Florida Law an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for injury to, or death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities.
Membership:  Mandatory for riders, owners, and trainers to show. Fathers who enter Father’s Day Lead Line do not need to be members, but must sign a waiver.
• Individual membership: $50/year
• Family membership: $75/year
• The age of the rider will be determined by their birthday on December 1st.
Class Fees:
• $15 per class
• Handy Hunter Classes: $25 ($10 per entry is used for prize money) (1st 40%; 2nd 30%; 3rd 20%; 4th 10%)
Special Event Class Fees:
• Father’s Lead Line: FREE
Office Fee:  Each horse/rider combination will be charged a $25 office fee. This is waived for the Child and Father’s Day lead line class if horse/pony to be used is showing same weekend.
Medic Fee:  A $25 MANDATORY medic fee will be assessed for each horse/rider combination. This medic fee includes Friday schooling for FREE. This is waived for the Child and Father’s Day lead line class if horse/pony to be used is showing same weekend.
Sat/Sun Schooling Fees:
• Saturday: $20 per horse and rider combo
• Sunday: $20 per horse and rider combo
Back numbers must be worn in order to school. Exhibitors found schooling without a back number will be assessed an additional $25 fee.
Grounds Fee:  All non-stabling entries will be charged a fee of $30.
Adds:  No fees will be charged for adding a class prior to the exhibitor entering the class IF THE EXHIBITOR HAS FILLED OUT AN ADD SLIP IN THE OFFICE OR AT THE INGATE.
• All scratches must be done in the show office.
• Stall, Grounds, Office and Schooling fees will not be refunded.
Found in Class Not Entered:  Any exhibitor found showing in a class not entered will be charged a $25 fee in addition to the class fee.
Cross Entering:  Any exhibitor found cross entering will pay a $25 fee in addition to the class fees and forfeit the points for the lower height class.
• Back number must be worn in order to school. Any exhibitor found schooling without a back number will be assessed an additional $25 fee.
• Schooling is available on Friday from 12 noon until 5:30pm in all rings.
• Schooling on Saturday and Sunday will be available from 7-7:45am in the Novice and Advanced rings only.
• When special events are held on Sunday am, the ring where the event is to occur will not be open for schooling.
• Stalls are available on a first come first serve basis by calling/texting Joni Livingston at: 561-248-3647.
• A fee of $75 will be charged for weekend stabling. Bedding is not 
Found in Stall Not Paid:  A $25 stall fee will be assessed in addition to the $75 stall fee if a stall is used which has not been paid for.
Stall Watch:  Stall watch is mandatory for each exhibitor (additional fee). 
Non-Negotiable Funds:  A warning and $30 fee will be charged for each non-negotiable check or declined credit card.
Cancellation of Classes:  If classes are cancelled due to severe weather, management will refund class fees.
Check Out Policy:  Members may pay with cash, check or credit card. Credit card transactions will be charged a 4% convenience fee. Exhibitors who do not check out in the office or online will have their show account closed out within one hour of the show closing. Show bills are final 24 hours after the show closes.
Billing Disputes:  Any open invoices will be closed by the office staff at the end of the show with the method of payment holding the entry. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to review their bill and resolve any discrepancies within one hour of the show ending. If disputes are not resolved within this time frame, the bill will stand as is without any further review.
Refund Policy:  Cancellations of show entries must be made by 5pm on the Friday before a show for a full refund. Class fees are refundable only if a class is cancelled. No other fees are refundable after 5pm on Friday before show. This includes, but is not limited to, stall fees, schooling, medic, office and class fees. Scratch, bandit stall and bandit class fees are not refundable.
Coggins:  All exhibitors are responsible for keeping a valid Coggins available to PBCHA and Health Inspectors.
Daily Awards and Championships:  Warm up classes are not pinned and no ribbons or prizes will be awarded. Daily ribbons are awarded for each class. Champions are awarded an additional prize. Hunter champion and reserve champion ribbons are awarded at the completion of the Division; either each show day or after two days of accumulating points. Champions are awarded an additional prize. Points are awarded as follows: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 when there are at least 3 entered in a class. If there are 2 entered, 1st place earns 4 points and 2nd place earns 2 points. If there is only 1 entered, they will be awarded 3 points.
Splitting Sections  In the Novice ring, classes will be split at 15 entries or more using the California Split judging system.
Class Conflicts:  Trainers must work with the in-gate staff to avoid any delay of classes due to conflicts. If there is a conflict, the in-gate staff will give the trainer 5 minutes to contact them regarding resolution of the conflict. If the trainer fails to contact the in-gate staff within those 5 minutes, then the class will be run without the trainer.
Holding Rings:  The Novice ring will be held for the trainer for ALL classes. The Advanced ring will be held for the trainer for over fences classes only.
Prize Money:  Prize money will be credited to the exhibitor’s show account after the results of the class are posted, thereby ending the show’s responsibility.
Year End Awards:  Horses and riders must have entered the same division at 4 shows in order to be eligible to win a year end award for that division. Hunter points are awarded to the horse. Equitation and medal points are awarded to the rider. The horse or rider earning the most points in their division and in their ring, will be awarded High Point. Lead Line, Walk Trot and Cross Rails divisions are not eligible for High Point awards. Exhibitors are responsible for checking the accuracy of their points on Showgroundlive.com.
Comportment:  Show attendees are notified that any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the Judges, show staff, PBCHA members or their family and friends, on the part of any owner, rider, trainer or family member, may disqualify the rider or horse. No fees will be refunded due to disqualification.
Complaints:  Complaints against the behavior of any show attendee may be made in the show office with a written statement. The written statement must include all relevant information for the Board to investigate; including where and when the incident occurred and any possible witnesses. The PBCHA board will then investigate the complaint and make a ruling. If a show attendee is found to display a lack of comportment, the show attendee will be given one warning. If there is a second offense, the person will not be allowed on the show grounds during that show year. The Board’s determination is final.
Attire: All riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with the chin strap closed while mounted anywhere on the show grounds. Boots, breeches, jackets, and shirt with choker or ties are required in the hunter and equitation classes. Jackets, unless otherwise announced will be required.
Back Numbers: You must wear the back number provided by the show office. Failure to wear your back number during schooling will result in a forfeiture of schooling. Failure to wear your back number during a class will result in disqualification. No refunds will be issued.
Hors Concours:  No entries will be allowed to show un-judged except at the discretion of the show manager.
Judging and Coaching:  Do not approach the judges for any reason. If you have a question for the judge, fill out a request form in the Show Office. The form will be given to the judge at the end of the show day. It is at the judge’s discretion whether they will answer your questions. Do not coach from the side of the ring. You may be disqualified by the judge if they hear or see you coach while the rider is in the ring. Management reserves the right to discipline any trainer who is excessively coaching.
Bedding:  Order bedding with your stall reservation from Joni Livingston at 561-248-3647. No other bedding vendor will be allowed on the show grounds. Storage of bedding must be outside or inside of a stall only.
Horse Show Farrier:  Please contact the show office if you need a farrier. A farrier will either be on call or on the show grounds.
Dogs:  Dogs are not permitted to be loose anywhere on the show grounds and must be on a leash or otherwise contained. Dogs may not be led by horseback or by any vehicle (e.g., golf cart, bicycle etc.). Dog owners failing to follow this rule will receive one warning. The second offense will carry a fine of $50 per dog. The third offense will result in the owner being asked to leave the show grounds with their dogs. Show fees will not be refunded.
Golf Carts, Scooters and other Vehicles:  Only those with a valid driver’s license may operate a motorized vehicle on the show grounds. If a minor has a permit, they may operate a motorized vehicle if an adult with a valid license is in the vehicle. No ponying of dogs or horses via golf cart is allowed.
Cell phones and Head phones:  The use of head phones while riding is prohibited. Cell phones may be used only if the rider has stopped the horse and is out of the way of other horse/vehicle traffic.
Protest of a Class:  Any exhibitor lodging a protest of a class must first deposit $25 in the show office along with a written complaint. The Board will meet and decide the outcome of the complaint. Their decision is final. The $25 fee will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.